The following server specifications are required to run Reciprocal Links Pro:

  • Your web hosting server must be Linux or Unix.
  • PHP4  Your web hosting server must have version 4.2.2 or later installed.
  • PHP5  RLP works with all versions
  • Your web hosting server must have MySQL 4.1 or later installed.
  • Your web host must not be running php in safe mode.
  • If you wish to run automatic link checking at pre-defined intervals, your web hosting server must support CRON. This is not essential, as you can perform link checks manually at any time by clicking "Check Links" from the admin panel. Reciprocal Links Pro will then check all links.

Please note that like many scripts, Reciprocal Links Pro cannot be run if you use Windows servers. (Not to be confused with the windows operating system on your PC.) If you are unsure as to what type of server your site is hosted on, please contact your web host and verify that your hosting is either Linux or Unix.

If your web host informs you your hosting is Windows based, we highly recommend you change to a Linux or Unix plan. Windows hosting can be very limiting where adding useful webmaster programs to your site is concerned.

Reciprocal Links Pro is not suitable for the following hosting companies due to out of date installations of php and MYSQL:

Go Daddy Hosting
Yahoo Hosting

If your host does not offer Linux or Unix hosting, or any of the above requirements are not available, we recommend talking to 2001web, an excellent host that offers well maintained and up to date server. They also offer a site transfer service should you wish to change hosts. We have a special arrangement with 2001 web just for RLP clients, they will install RLP for you free of charge if you have a hosting account with them. Just mention that you came from reciprocal links pro.Click Here for details (opens in new window).

Latest News
RLP 3.6 Released
Jan 9th 2009
Version 3.6 has been released.
More Info Here

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